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Clearing something up right at the start. The "Espresso" dog over on the left is real. She is one of my two dogs. Buddy is the other.


Espresso is such a character! How's she doing?

This blog is a great idea. We all need a break from serious politics once in awhile. My brain's starting to rot from constantly ODing on politics. Of course that's why I drink so much coffee, though.

Yo, why coffee? I mean, I drink a lot of it myself, but it's not something I'm passionate about, in itself. Deny me coffee, then you'll see passion....

Do you need a coffee intervention, Dave? I'm thinking of the Java guy on Mad TV.

And MJ, while the politics is probably having a deleterious effect on your brain (all those corrosive free radical republicans), perhaps its just too much coffee jangling your nerves.

Cheers and good luck on the new blog, Dave. I'll mostly be watching STF, though, so point over here when you have something interesting.

Love the photo of Espresso, Dave!

Glad to see that Espresso is getting the fame she deserves. (Not that I'm biased or anything!) Maybe she can give a guest commentary in the future.

Ok, i have to ask, what kind of dog is that? My parents have one that looks just like it, but they picked it up at a pound, so they don't know the breed.
Great set of sites by the the way. Coffee, leftie politics and dogs. Damn. If you added a beer blog it would become my homepage.

Espresso is a picked-her-up-at-the-pound dog.

We call her an American Food Hound.

Does she like coffee? My little dog does, whether it's sweetened or not.

As Espresso's god-mother (step-mother? respite care provider?) I have to add my two cents. The pound said that she was a border-collie/black lab mix, altho we also think there's some other things mixed in. (They also said she was full grown at the time - shows that they knew.)

Dave's title of American Food Hound is probably the most accurate, tho. That dog can find a scrap of food 50 yards away! We thought she'd outgrow it once she realized she was no longer a stray, but 9 years later, she's proved us wrong.

My brother thought naming her Espresso was the most yuppie thing we could have done at the time. "Why don't you just name her "Black BMW" instead? (She was quite fast in her day.) So that's my nickname for her. However, "Black BMW" would have made a lousy mascot for "Smelling the Coffee."

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