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March 20, 2007

Calculate your caffeine intake

Ever wonder how much caffeine you're taking in each day? Energy Fiend provides a handy calculator to figure that out, complete with a checklist of lots of drinks and their caffeine content. My own consumption varies a lot depending on whether or not I'm working as a barista, but an average estimate puts me at 326 mg. That's two 8 oz. coffees, an espresso, and a Coke per day, putting me somewhat on the high end. On days when I'm getting up for work at 5:15 and taste testing the spro and coffee all day, I'm sure the number is higher.

The site also has a calculator to tell you how much chocolate or other candy you'd have to eat to risk death, given your body weight. 2900.63 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups would do the trick for me. Fortunately I can only eat 2900 before I get too full to consume that extra .63 of a cup, so I think I'm safe.

Caffeine's not as unhealthy as people tend to assume it is. In fact, it appears to have a whole lot of benefits. A certain libertarian coffee lover summarized them here.

[Via LifeHacker.]

Comments restored

Due to comment spam hassles, we required TypeKey to post comments here for a while. Unfortunately, that killed the dialogue, so we've switched back to open commenting. That means more time moderating comments for us, but an easier process for you. We like the feedback, so comment away!

March 14, 2007

Free Starbucks coffee tomorrow

I would never encourage you to buy Starbucks coffee. But if you want to take some, that's another matter entirely. You can do so tomorrow from 10 to noon.

[Also at Eternal Recurrence.]

Baked and Wired tops cupcake contest

Baked and Wired, the coffee shop and bakery where I work as resident coffee expert, was mentioned in the Washington Post today in an article about local cupcakes. Four food writers took part in a tasting and chose B/W as their favorite:

As for what worked and didn't for our four tasters, well, they all knew which desserts had come from ShoeBox Oven. Our tasters thought the exaggerated presentation, the slightly crushed spun sugar topping and a "prepared" flavor gave ShoeBox Oven away. The group sampled cupcakes -- something everyone carried, which made comparing easier -- from Baked & Wired, CakeLove and ShoeBox and thought Baked & Wired was tops for its moist cakes and cream cheese frosting.

I'm biased, of course, but I agree with the critics. After more than half a year working here, the cupcakes are the one treat I can't get enough of. I've even been known to the have the occasional cupcake for breakfast. The butter cream icing is just too hard to resist.

CakeLove is more famous in DC, though I've never been as excited about their product. Part of the problem is the chill. Supposedly they've opened a fresh, room temperature cupcake bar there now, so I owe them another shot.

Buzz, which was mentioned in the article but wasn't in the taste test, has cupcakes that are pretty good, but also pretty basic. I haven't tried anything from ShoeBox Oven yet.

My cupcake knowledge pales in comparison to Yelp blogger and B/W customer Julie, so for more cupcake reviews from DC and elsewhere, her page is the place to go.

[Cross-posted at EatFoo.]


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