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June 23, 2007

Worst Album Covers

Graphic disturbance upset warning!

The worst album covers ever created.

June 22, 2007

“This coffee has gone where I want to go.”

Coffee beans taken to the edge of space in a research balloon by JP Aerospace, and sold on E-Bay to help fund their "PongSat" program. From their website:
"JP Aerospace is a volunteer-based organization achieving cheap access to space by just doing it. We are an independent space program."
From their press release:
On June 2, a small bag of specialty coffee beans played the part of test pilot.

The “Bean Me Up” bag of roast flew to 92,000 feet onboard a high altitude research balloon.

The balloon was flown by JP Aerospace, an independent space program. In addition to the coffee, over 300 student experiments were carried aloft. Lifting off shortly after dawn, the balloon climbed 800 feet per minute. As it headed upward, the temperature dropped to 82 degrees below zero, and the sky slowly turned black. When it reached high enough where the Earth’s horizon is curved, the balloon burst. The coffee and experiments fell together at over Mach one back toward the desert floor. The parachute opened, and the package touched down ten miles from its starting point.

“This coffee has gone where I want to go,” says John Powell, President of JP Aerospace.

The high-flying coffee is now being auctioned off on eBay to raise money to support the PongSat program.

JP Aerospace has flown advertisements, toy action figures, and mementos to the edge of space to help fund their PongSat space education program.

A PongSat is an experiment that fits inside of a ping pong ball. Students as young as eight are running their own space programs. Experiments range from plant seeds to computers with sophisticated sensors. PongSat are flown at no charge to the students. Thousands of students have been to the edge of space with their PongSats.

Away 33 mission was the ninety-first mission flown by JP Aerospace. JP Aerospace is staffed by volunteers dedicated to bringing space travel to everyone.

A special thanks goes out to Vista Clara Coffee for providing the “Bean Me Up” beans for the flight.

June 11, 2007

Mika Dawson R.I.P.

R.I.P. Michael Dawson

Palo Alto Peet's barista Michael Dawson died of a heart attack during his morning shift May 30.

Everybody knew him. Everybody misses him.

June 7, 2007

Nothing To Do With Coffee

But pretty cool...

AmaZing - More bloopers are a click away

June 4, 2007

The coming caffeine ban

Our children are being taken in by a new drug. A drug that's fattening, high in calories, and addictive. It's carried openly in schools, considered a sign of fashion. Even teen celebrities promote its glamorous image:

...it doesn’t help when trendsetters like Mary-Kate Olsen regale interviewers with tales like this: “When I was younger, on weekends, my mom would make us pancakes with our initials on them and then a tiny cup of coffee,” she told W magazine. “I remember at 10 sneaking my own coffee and pouring a ton of sugar in and going up to the playroom and drinking it.”

Oh no, coffee! I'd like to think that when an op-ed appears in the Boston Globe lamenting kids' coffee consumption, it's just a call for parents to be aware and responsible. I think we've learned by now that that's not the case. Can calls for school districts to ban coffee from students' hands be too far behind?

Remember, coffee also serves as a dangerous and deadly weapon!

Previous Boston Globe hand-wringing about kids and coffee noted by Rogier van Bakel here.

[Cross-posted at ER.]

June 1, 2007

Starbucks run by libertarian paternalists

The chain is switching its default milk for espresso based drinks from whole to 2%. That's fewer calories, but also less fat to provide structure and sweetness. Don't give in! Or better yet, go to coffee shops that really know their craft, order a smaller drink with full fat milk, and enjoy.

Explanation for the title here.

[Via Starbucks Gossip. Cross-posted at ER.]


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