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January 28, 2008

Does Caffeine Boost Blood Sugar?

A new study raises question about caffeine's effect on blood sugar levels.

Caffeine ups blood sugar level in diabetics: study - Yahoo! News,

Giving caffeine to a small group of people with type 2 diabetes caused their levels of the blood sugar glucose to rise through the day, especially after meals, researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, found.

"Caffeine appears to disrupt glucose metabolism in a way that could be harmful to people with type-2 diabetes," James Lane, a Duke medical psychologist who led the study, said in a telephone interview.

However, this is only one study, and it has dirrerent results from previous studies. So don't take this as the final answer.
The new findings seem to run counter to previous research regarding diabetes and caffeine. Earlier studies indicated that people who drank coffee had a reduced risk of type-2 diabetes, and those who drank the most coffee had the lowest risk.

The researchers used new technology -- a tiny glucose monitor embedded under the abdominal skin -- to monitor the glucose levels continuously in 10 people, average age 63.

On days when the participants were given four tablets containing caffeine equivalent to four cups of coffee, their average daily sugar levels rose 8 percent compared to days when the same people were given four placebo tablets, the researchers reported in the journal Diabetes Care.

"What we are really showing here is that when people with type-2 diabetes who are regular coffee drinkers drink coffee, it produces an elevation in their glucose throughout the day above what it is if they don't have caffeine," Lane said.

"This suggests that people with diabetes might want to avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages so that this exaggeration doesn't occur. They may find that it's easier for them to keep their glucose down if they avoid caffeine."

So it could mean that it helps keep you from getting diabetes but after you get diabetes it elevates the sugar level...

January 15, 2008

Song Stuck In Head

My wife told me that she has "Haven't Got Time For The Pain" stuck in her head. So now it is stuck in MY head. Thanks, Dear.

Can you think of a worse song to have stuck in your head? Pleave a comment.


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